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The Montalva Group is proud of the legacy of producing meat products, yet the evolution of our consumer’s needs and the demand for food solutions based on the diversity of protein sources has made the group a pioneer in plant-based protein products in Portugal. 

In response to the growing demand for a healthy and varied diet, we have developed a range of plant-based products, with v-Label certification awarded by the European Vegetarian Union (EVU), that are distinguished by their democratic flavour, their convenience and consumption versatility, and for its greener and environmentally friendly side. 

Our group was distinguished by being the first to produce burgers, meatballs and vegan steaks, resulting in a brand-new and innovative concept for Portugal.  

Our deep-frozen products are developed from different plant-based proteins such as soy, peas and chickpeas.

We develop customized solutions and create packaging solutions according to the specific needs and requirements of every customer, taking into account the different distribution channels and markets.

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Products and categories / Plant-based Protein


Being audacious in its ability to innovate and lead the market, the Montalva Group took its first steps in 2011 in developing the first soy sausage in Portugal as the first alternative product to animal protein.

We offer a wide selection of sausages with a wide variety of, including different types of vegetables, packed in different formats, such as cans, jars or vacuum packages.  

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