quem somos


Who we are

We are a 100% Portuguese company with over 100 years of history, specialising in animal and plant-based protein, with a comprehensive product portfolio. 

As animal protein producers, we have inherited the integrated value chain from animal husbandry, slaughter and cutting to the marketing and distribution of fresh and frozen meat and meat products. We bring together decades of knowledge and willingness to innovate by focusing on the most advanced technologies and quality control to ensure reliable, fresh, flavourful and nutritious food solutions.  

Improving liveststock production standards and developing flavoured and nutritional better products is a constantly evolving challenge. A challenge that we love to share with our customers, partners and consumers. 


We are a company with 100 years of expertise in developing products and creating moments of flavour and sharing, which combines the experience of decades with the willingness to surprise and support our consumers. 

With a legacy of providing the meat that fills us all with a sense of pride, we have a very strong culture of innovation based on quality, transparency and food safety by always focusing on the needs of our customers and consumers.

In our facilities, we guarantee the quality and freshness of the products from animal production to the end product. We combine the use of advanced technologies with the highest quality standards, which we ensure throughout the duly-certified value chain.

We are committed to valuing and developing a more sustainable world, moving towards a better future. We are committed to the circular economy and renewable energy by adopting practices and processes that minimize waste and promote the reutilization of resources.


Our organizational culture is sustained by three pillars that drive our success.

Our commitment is reflected in the loyalty and dedication with which all our employees embrace their mission. The investment in training and valuing our talents is one of our main priorities.

The collaboration is another crucial element, which consistently puts our Customers and Consumers at the forefront, trying to satisfy them and surprise them on a daily basis.

The communication is the third pillar because we do believe that only with transparency and proximity will we be able to build strong and lasting relationships.  

We are confident that it is through this Culture that we can build a more solid and sustainable organization.


  1. Isidoro Maria de Oliveira started his activity in the meat sector.

  2. Inauguration of the first industrial unit for meat preparation and pig slaughterhouse.

  3. The establishment of Manuel Inacio e Filhos, Lda.

    A company that has given rise to the Montalva Group, initially specialized in the animal trade.

  4. Entry into the animal feed production sector. Over a decade after the group's establishment, the entry into the animal feeding industry was made through the purchase of two major companies operating in this area (Progado Centro Sul, SA and Progado - Sociedade Produtora de Rações, SA).

  5. Entry into the meat processing industry (Dilop Group / Ribacarne).

  6. Pursuing the verticalization strategy of its activity, the Group acquires majority stakes in Dilop Group companies, now having a strong presence in the slaughtering, marketing and meat processing sectors.

  7. Purchase of Sapropor, which sold its products through the Izidoro and Damatta brands.

    In 2003, MIF SGPS acquired control of Sapropor, becoming one of the key players at the national level in the production and marketing of meat and meat products.

  8. Celebration of the centenary of the DaMatta brand.

  9. To provide the necessary conditions for business development and capture new market opportunities, a new reference shareholder has entered the Group's capital share.

  10. Purchase of Montebravo, enabling new business opportunities in the meat industry.

    The MIF Group is now operated under the Montalva Group name, an ambitious project of quality and control of the integrated Portuguese Meat production chain, having rebranded the brands DaMatta and Izidoro.

  11. Corporate simplification process in the animal production industry developed by the Montalva Group and by the merging of a series of companies in Intergados S.A.

  12. The Montalva Group unit in Milharado received its approval to export frozen meat to the Asian market (China).

    The Torres Novas and Envendos units received their approval to export meat and meat products (processed) to South Korea.

  13. Rebranding of the Izidoro brand.

    Investment in photovoltaic panels in the Montalva/Izidoro Group is one of the three largest industrial production units in Portugal for self-consumption (3.5 MW of installed power), which resulted from the partnership with Helexia and Profit Energy;

  14. Official opening of the Petaqua Unit, whose investment was initiated by the Montalva Group and its shareholders in 2020.

    This firm is a 100% Portuguese company that focuses its activity in the environmental sector by recycling and transforming animal waste into sustainable proteins and fat that are, consequently, reintroduced into the chain, thus removing from the environment materials with high contamination potential, fostering the circular economy and reducing environmental impacts.

  15. The Izidoro Veggie Lovers brand is born, a 100% plant-based range.

    Developed for all those who seek to incorporate more plant-based protein into their diet through tasty and nutritionally balanced products.

  16. The Montalva Group gets certified in Animal Welfare in pigmeat.

    The Izidoro brand begins its first year of official sponsorship of the Sport Lisboa e Benfica Football Training Teams.

    The Montalva Group unit in Milharado, Envendos and Torres Novas got their approval to export fresh/frozen meat and meat products to the Japanese market.

  17. The Izidoro brand expands the sports sponsorship with their linkage to the Belenenses Football Club training team of different modalities.

    Rebranding of the DaMatta brand.

    Early celebration of Izidoro's 100th anniversary as a producer. Celebrating the 95th anniversary of the Izidoro brand.


To develop nutrionally rich and sustainable protein food solutions.


We aspire to be the leading company in Portugal and a reference in animal protein products on the international market.









 We raise animals. We develop products. We create moments of flavour and sharing. In our facilities, we guarantee the quality and freshness of the products from animal production to the end product. 







We combine know-how with the taste of origins. We honour our tradition and provide truly Portuguese gastronomic experiences. 







We are pioneers in launching new concepts that modernize and value the areas we operate in. We constantly pay attention to consumer needs and the evolution of the highest production standards.







We communicate in a close and honest manner. We disclose our essence and always welcome our partners with arms wide open.






Social and Environmentally Responsible

We play an active role in supporting the communities where we operate. We support and train our people. We invest in reducing the impact of our ecological footprint throughout the value chain to create a better future.