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Quality and Food Safety Policy

The Montalva Group is dedicated to creating meat and non-meat food solutions to satisfy our consumers, combining innovation, quality, and tradition.
The Management, aware of the importance of Quality and Food Safety, is committed to enhancing and optimizing all its resources—human, material, and financial—for the production and marketing of safe and compliant products.
A positive food safety culture is promoted within the organization, where all employees collectively bear the responsibility of ensuring food safety and have a moral obligation to safeguard their health, as well as that of customers and end consumers. This involves encouraging the necessary measures and precautions to protect and preserve the link in the food chain under our care.

Our Certifications

We are the first business group in Portugal with a complete and Welfare-certified swine value chain, from animal breeding to product marketing across butcheries, delicatessen corners and grocery shops under the Izidoro and DaMatta brands.

Our Certifications

The Montalva Group is a reference in excellence and quality by being committed to ensuring the highest quality and safety standards across its area of operation.

To achieve this goal, the group adopts a rigorous set of practices and procedures ranging from raw materials selection to the final delivery of the products.          

ISO 22000

ISO 22000 attests to the group’s commitment to ensuring a production environment that prioritizes food safety, hygiene, traceability, and production process control throughout all stages.


Producing healthy and safe food is one of the priorities of the Montalva Group. The products are manufactured under the strictest conditions of hygiene and food safety, guaranteeing customers and end consumers a safe and high-quality product.


IFS Food certification is evidence of our dedication to ensuring that every step of our production chain meets the most stringent safety and quality requirements.
Furthermore, regular audits and constant monitoring ensure that all processes are executed in compliance with the latest standards and regulations and full compliance with IFS standards, offering our customers the confidence that they choose high-quality and safe animal protein products.


Animal welfare throughout the production process is one of the top priorities of the Montalva Group. It is in our nature to develop an ethical production with deep respect for animals.


As evidence of our commitment to best practices and conditions, in 2022, our Izidoro products received the first Animal Welfare certification in Portugal for swine.
The Welfare Certification covers the entire production chain and consists of an evaluation that includes four principles:


• Quality and balanced diet
• Good facilities for animals
• Animal Health
• Fulfilment of natural animal behaviour

The Welfair™ seal is a certification approved by the Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology of Catalonia (IRTA) based on the Welfare Quality® benchmarks.


These benchmarks are recognized from the others by their prioritization of the importance of animal-based indicators.

This certification has been prepared by the ConcertA and granted by Certis in butchery, delicatessen and grocery categories.